Sunday, January 16, 2011

My new craft area

I have been stuck in a craft rut as Jer calls it, even though I just had my exercise area revamped into my craft area and relinquished the study area back to Vincent, I simply cannot get back crafting.   I have new cabinets fixed is still in the process of packing and arranging all my crafting stuff neatly.  Vincent volunteered  to do the packing for me, but I refused, preferring to take my time organising all the stuff that I have amassed over the past year.  

Jer and I wanted to spend the evening crafting (so that I can get out of the crafting rut I am in now) as Vincent has a dinner appointment.   However as it turned out, I have to go with him for the dinner, so crafting will have to take a back seat till tomorrow.  I hope to make some valentine and chinese new year cards.

Here is my new craft area which I am still trying to organise :

The study area which I used to do my crafting, playing computer games and talking to the girls. 

Jer has been working on altering a note book into a diary, here is a sneak peak to what she has done.  I think she is at June or July now.  She is working on a rainbow coloured theme, using colours from the rainbow for each month.  

Thanks for dropping by, I hope to have some craft creations tomorrow.


  1. oh very nice... love your new craft area with natural sunlight. Oh the diary is coming along just beautifully..

    cant wait to see your projects soon :D

  2. Hi,

    Nice craft area, next step is keep crafting.
    Awaiting for your great creations to welcome CNY and Valentine.