Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Superhero Sam

This is the 2nd card I made for Superhero Sam (, who is only 5 and battling cancer.

Here is my card :-

Materials used :-

Edwin with bike, colored with copic
Magnolia floral background, colored with acrylic paints
Skyblue cardstock from local stationery shop

I wrote the word "kang" (which means health)  in chinese calligraphy, cursive style and the Supersam log is from Studio Pixie blog.  

I stamped the floral background image with archival ink which is waterproof on Galeria acrylic pad.  I have been dabbling with acrylic painting for a while and absolutely love this medium, as it can really be very versatile, it can be diluted and paint to have a water color effects, or use it thick and in layers like oil painting without the smell and the hassle of washing up.   I like to use my old calligraphy brushes to paint when they are too worn out for writing and the I do love the soft effects the calligraphy brushes give.

Here are the links to some of my calligraphy works and acrylic paintings that I have done

Get well soon Sam :-)   I know one day you will be out there in the fields enjoying the fresh air and sunshine.

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