Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I am just so happy, I am the random winner for the Peachy Keen Challenge #28!   I cannot believe my eyes, and my luck   I am very encouraged.  Many thanks to my shifu, Angie (, she taught me all about crafting and card making and scrap-booking.   I am still beaming this morning!

I will strive to make more cards and scrap-book pages and share my joy with family and friends.   First and foremost in my list is to regularly make cards and send them to SuperSam!  

I am going for a scrapbooking class now, and post more photos later.



  1. Aww i'm happy for you mummy!! Saw your facebook page already:):) heehee it is very nice! Love the page that says "love is everything"

  2. Hi darling!!! I was so busy and did not check here! Yes love is everything isn' it? I love you darling, can't wait for you to be back!